Propane is a reliable, safe fuel. Like many other fuels, it can be dangerous if not handled properly. Propane is a flammable gas.
Griffin's Propane General Tips
If you SMELL, HEAR, or SEE a gas leak:
  • Get away from the tank or cylinder.
  • Do nothing that could ignite the escaping gas.
  • Using a neighbor's phone, call your propane dealer and the fire department.
Why take these precautions?
  • Propane is a flammable gas.
  • Leaking propane may cause fires and explosions if ignited.
Propane has an odor for your safety
  • In order to quickly recognize a leak, make sure you know what propane smells like.
  • Propane retailers have pamphlets available with a scratch-and-sniff spot to help you learn to recognize the smell.
  • You can also purchase a propane leak detector, similar to carbon monoxide detectors, from your propane supplier.
Please Note: Under certain circumstances, propane gas could lose the distinctive odor that was added. This is sometimes called “odor fade,” and it can occur both in new steel containers when first placed into service and in used steel containers left open to the atmosphere for a long time.
Connecting and Disconnecting
Connecting a filled cylinder to an appliance
  1. Remove the safety plug or cap from the cylinder valve.
  2. Reattach the connector snugly into the valve. Remember, turn left, or counter-clockwise on
    POL type valve.
  3. Be sure the appliance valves are turned off before introducing gas back into the system.
Safety Tips for Children
You can help ensure your child's safety by teaching them these important rules:
  • Never turn on appliances without an adult present.
  • Keep papers and toys (especially remote-controlled cars) away from gas furnaces, space heaters, and fire places.
  • Stay away from propane tanks and pipes.
  • Never play with matches.
  • Tell an adult if you smell gas. If you are home by yourself, do not use the phone.
  • Instead, go to a neighbor's house and alert them.
  • Have an evacuation plan from different rooms of the house in case there is a fire.